The 'Spirit of Tasmania'
Ferry to Tasmania

Why not start your Tassie holiday with a cruise on the ‘Spirit of Tasmania‘ ferry? 

There’s a few things you need to know, so keep reading and get all the answers you need for the perfect road trip!

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It makes a lot of sense to start your Tasmania road trip with a sail on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. 

No excess baggage fees, your own vehicle that you know and love, no need to pay for hire car or campervan insurance, and you can even bring your pet pooch!

At the same time I know the options can be a little confusing, and I get a lot of questions about how it all works, and what you can expect on the ferry to Tasmania. 

Ticket prices? How to bring your pet on the ferry? Should you pay more for a Spirit of Tasmania cabin? Entertainment options…and the list goes on.

That’s why I’ve created this guide – to help answer all your questions and to get your road trip started in the best way possible!

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I must thank the Lap of Tas community for helping me put this guide together. If you have any extra tips or advice, or any questions that I don’t answer, please let me know here and I’ll ensure it gets included in future updates! 

Plan Your Sail
on the Ferry to Tasmania

I suggest: Start planning at least 6 months before you want to visit Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania

The Spirit of Tasmania ferry to Tasmania is very popular, so it makes sense to start planning your ferry crossing as early as possible.

You can book your tickets up to 12 months before your sailing date.

I recommend booking 6 months ahead for cheaper fares, greater flexibility choosing your dates, and less chance of booking out (especially if you have a tall vehicle).

The Route

The Spirit of Tasmania ferry sails in both directions between Geelong in the Australian state of Victoria, and Devonport in the state of Tasmania.

The ferry crosses Port Phillip Bay and Bass Strait, with a total route measuring 415km (224 nautical miles)

Travel Time

Depending on weather conditions the Spirit of Tasmania travel time varies between 9hr30mins and 11hrs30mins from Geelong to Tasmania, and vice versa.

Remember to allow an extra 45 minutes to board the ferry, and 30 minutes to disembark (it should be quicker than that though).

Spirit of Tasmania Route Map - Geelong to Devonport

The Best Time to Sail on the Spirit of Tasmania

Demand for the Spirit of Tasmania varies greatly throughout the year – pick your dates wisely and you can save a lot of money!

Summer – December to February – is the most popular time for visiting Tasmania, and berths do book out. A second ship sails during these times to provide greater capacity.

Read More: The Best Time to Visit Tasmania

Late summer and autumn – February to May – is very popular for the return sail from Devonport to Geelong, as this is when many ‘grey nomads’ and other long term travellers leave Tasmania for warmer weather.

Winter – June to August – is the least popular time to visit Tasmania due to the cool conditions and the possibility of a rougher sail, but many agree this is when Tasmania is at its most beautiful. Tickets for the Spirit of Tasmania ferry can be cheaper at this time of year.

The time of year determines how much it costs to bring your vehicle on the boat to Tasmania.

1 July '18 - 2 Dec '18Low
3 Dec '18 - 15 Feb 19High
16 Feb 19 - 7 Apr 19Low
8 Apr 19 - 5 May 19High
6 May 19 - 8 Dec 19Low
9 Dec 19 - 14 Feb 20High
15 Feb 20 - 29 Mar 20Low
30 Mar 20 - 26 Apr 20High
27 Apr 20 - 30 Nov 20Low

Spirit of Tasmania Timetable

Departure days and times vary throughout the year, and are subject to change. There are two types of journey – a ‘Night Sail‘ and a ‘Day Sail‘.

The Night Sail from Geelong is available year-round and leaves at varying times between 7:30pm and 10:30pm.

The Day Sail from Geelong operates most of the year, leaving at either 9:00am or 9:30am – some winter months may not have a Day Sail option.

On some days – mainly during winter – there are days with no departures from Geelong.

The Night Sail from Devonport is available year-round, leaving at varying times between 7:30pm and 9:30pm.

The Day Sail from Devonport operates most of the year, leaving at either 9:00am or 9:30am – some winter months may not have a Day Sail option.

On some days – mainly during winter – there are days with no departures from Devonport.

“During winter, make sure you have a cabin so you get a good night’s sleep before a big drive the next day. In summer if you are on a Day Sail, still get a cabin so you can rest before you have to drive. The cabins are substantially cheaper on a summer Day Sail.”

(Facebook Group Member)

🚢 The Spirit of Tasmania

No of ships: 2

Ship Names: Spirit of Tasmania I and II

Ship length: 194m

Built: 1998

Passenger Capacity: 1400 people

Vehicle Capacity: 500 vehicles

Sailing Distance: 429km (232 nautical miles)

Sailing Time: 9 to 11 hours

Ticket Prices

I suggest: Book your tickets 4-6 months before you want to visit Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania


Finding out Spirit of Tasmania prices isn’t easy, and the only way to know exactly what you will pay is to create a fake booking on their website.

Things that do affect the Spirit of Tasmania cost include:

  • Time of year
  • No. of passengers
  • Bringing a pet and using their kennels
  • Your vehicle type and length
  • Your caravan length
  • Your accommodation

Things that don’t affect the ticket price include:

  • Choosing a FREE ‘Day Ticket’ for a Day Sail (rather than booking accommodation)
  • Choosing a FREE Recliner for a Night Sail (rather than booking a cabin)
  • Your vehicle height
  • Your caravan height
  • Keeping your dog in your vehicle during the crossing
Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania

Deals and Specials

There two ways to get a discount on your Spirit of Tasmania booking.

  • Take advantage of their regular specials; or
  • Become a member of a partner of the Spirit of Tasmania

Regular Specials

The best way to find out about Spirit of Tasmania deals is to:

  • Check their website regularly
  • Follow them on Facebook
  • Sign up for their newsletter
  • Give them a call and ask – I have heard from fellow travellers that sometimes they have special offers that don’t get widely advertised online.
  • Join their Sailors Club – You can only apply after you’ve made your return booking, but if you’re thinking of revisiting Tasmania it can save you money on future bookings.

Association Memberships

The following discounts are also available:

  • RACV – Members can save 10% on passenger fares
  • Big4 Holiday Parks – Members can save 5% on passenger fares
  • Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) – Members can save 5% on passenger fares

Some Examples of Ticket Prices

To give you an idea of typical prices I created fake bookings for four common scenarios in high season.

Couple + CarCouple + CaravanFamily + CarFamily + Caravan
DepartSun, 15 DecSun, 15 DecSun, 15 DecSun, 15 Dec
ReturnSun, 12 JanSun, 12 JanSun, 12 JanSun, 12 Jan
TypeNight SailNight SailNight SailNight Sail
VehicleHolden CommodoreToyota LandcruiserHolden CommodoreToyota Landcruiser
Caravan-Yes (6m/20ft length)-Yes (6m/20ft length)
Accommodation4-bed inside cabin4-bed inside cabin4-bed inside cabin4-bed inside cabin
Total Price$1,256$2,076$1,556$2,376

How to Book Your Tickets

I suggest: Book your tickets 4-6 months before you want to visit Tasmania

To help you buy the best tickets – and to save you money – I thought I would take you through the Spirit of Tasmania bookings process, explaining each of the booking options in more detail.

It’s important to know that you can amend your booking FREE of charge using their online system up to 24hrs ahead of sailing.

Click Here for the Spirit of Tasmania Booking Page

1. Indicative Dates / One-Way or Return

Select your dates, and whether you want to a return or one-way ticket. Choosing your dates is indicative only, as you will lock in your final dates later in the process.

A one-way ticket can be useful if you are unsure how much time you wish to spend exploring Tasmania.

Don’t leave your return booking too late, especially during peak season. I’ve heard many stories of travellers needing to cut their holiday short, or being forced to spend an extra month or more in Tasmania due to unavailability of a berth on the ferry. Some might see this as a good thing 😃

2. 'Day Sail' or 'Night Sail'

There are pros and cons to both the Day Sail and the Night Sail.

🌞 Day Sail

 More time to enjoy the cruise

More time to enjoy the entertainment options

More time to try food/drink options

More time to book tours

More to see during daylight hours

Good for light sleepers

It’s a long time to keep the kids occupied

Earlier start to the day, so less time to prepare

Need to stay the night before in Geelong

You may arrive in Tasmania in the dark

🌘 Night Sail

More time to prepare and arrive on time

Save on accommodation costs

Wake up refreshed and ready to start your road trip

More accommodation options on arrival

Don’t need to entertain the children for as long

You can sleep through potential sea sickness

 Less time to enjoy the facilities on board

Early wake up before disembarking

Less things to see from on deck due to the dark

Not good for light sleepers

“As someone who suffers severe sea sickness I suggest booking the Day Sail with a cabin (the seas are normally rougher at night). Close the blinds, read a book, or as was the case my last trip, sleep most of the day away.”

(Facebook Group Member)

3. Passenger Details

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania

This section is pretty self-explanatory – just enter the number of passengers who will be travelling together.

Adults are considered to be 16 years and older, while children are from 3 to 16 years of age. 

Children under 3 sail free!

4. Pets

Take your dog on the Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania

If you love travelling with your furry friend then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can take your dog on the Spirit of Tasmania!

There are two options – using a kennel, or keeping your dog in your own vehicle. Whichever option you choose, your dog needs to have been Hydatid wormed within 14 days of sailing.

Keep reading to find out more…

🚢 Option 1 - Pay for a Kennel

During the sail pets are kept in cage kennels on a lower deck with excellent ventilation.

One thing that I noticed when researching this subject is that the information on the Spirit of Tasmania website is slightly different to their Conditions of Carriage.

On the website it says they will provide water during the journey. However in the paperwork they say that you are responsible for providing enough water for the journey. To be sure, make sure you check the amount of water your pet has before leaving the deck.

To help your pet settle in and stay warm on the open air deck I also suggest you leave their favourite blanket or chew toy in the kennel.

Unfortunately for safety reasons you can’t visit your pet during the sail ☹️

A kennel will cost you $22 each way.

I found a fantastic video by recent Tassie road trippers – Overland Obsessed – that shows them boarding the Spirit of Tasmania with their very cute pup.

It’s perfect for showing you how to board the Spirit of Tasmania, what happens when you get to the kennels, and how to get your dog settled.

For more information from the Spirit of Tasmania website, click here.

🚘 Option 2 - Use Your Own Vehicle

Keeping your dog inside your vehicle is a great option if you have concerns about keeping your dog in a kennel, and how your dog will handle the sea crossing.

The Spirit of Tasmania neither promotes nor recommends this option, but it is permitted so long as you follow the correct process.

To do this you need to:

  1. During the online booking process select ‘0’ pets
  2. When you have completed your booking call the Spirit of Tasmania and tell them that you would like to keep your dog in your vehicle
  3. They will send you a disclaimer form that you need to fill in and send back to them (email or post) at least 24hrs prior to sailing

Spirit of Tasmania staff will not be checking on your dog, so it is completely up to you to ensure their comfort, and that they have adequate ventilation and water to last the trip.

The ship may encounter rough seas, so make sure their water isn’t going to tip over. Toilet training is also recommended 😀

5. Vehicle Type

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania

You will need to record your vehicle details, including make, model and year.

It will also ask whether you have a bike rack or roof rack attached, and total height.

If your vehicle or motorhome is taller than 2.1m it won’t cost you any extra, but it is necessary so they can book you into a high berth.

Important: If you provide the wrong vehicle height and there isn’t a spare berth that can fit your vehicle then you may be stopped from boarding the ferry!

6. Towing a Caravan or Boat

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania

You need to let them know whether you will be towing anything with your vehicle, and the total length of the caravan or boat.

When calculating the length make sure you include the drawbar and anything attached to the rear of your caravan eg. bike racks or a jerry can. They will then add the length of your caravan to the length of your vehicle to work out your total parking space.

Important: They do check this, and if you under-report your length you may need to pay more.

You will also be asked to record the height of your caravan. As for your vehicle, having a caravan taller than 2.1m won’t cost more, but is essential information.

7. Final Sail Dates

After finalising your vehicle details you get the chance to lock in your dates, and to choose a ‘Night Sail’ or ‘Day Sail’.

The booking tool will show you a full week, including the price of a ‘Day Sail’ or ‘Night Sail’ for each day of the week. This is where you can tweak your itinerary and snag a cheaper fare!

8. Cabins and Other Accommodation Options

There are plenty of accommodation options to suit every type of traveller and budget.

Catch the Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to start your Tasmania road trip


There are a number of different Spirit of Tasmania cabin options:

  • Deluxe Cabin ($369) – Queen bed, ensuite, TV, twin windows, table and chairs, plenty of space
  • Twin Bed Private Porthole Cabin ($139) – Two single beds, ensuite, window
  • Four Bed Private Porthole Cabin ($139) – Two bunk beds, ensuite, window
  • Four Bed Inside Cabin ($119) – Two bunk beds, ensuite
  • Female or Male Shared Cabin (from $30) – As above, but shared with other passengers of the same sex

All cabins include an ensuite, pillows, sheets, doona, towels and soap.

*Prices are indicative only, as they appear to vary throughout the year – but they give you a good idea of what to expect

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania
Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania


Recliners are a good option on a Day Sail if you’d like your own private chair with great views.

Recliners are FREE on a Night Sail, or $39 on a Day Sail.

Recliners are like the chairs you see on an airplane in business class. They are located in their own room – cinema style – with floor-to-ceiling windows for great views.

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania

Day Ticket

A ‘Day Ticket’ is FREE, but is only available on Day Sails.

This ticket allows you to walk freely around the ferry, and to make use of the plentiful lounge chairs when you need to take a break.

💤 Travelling with children?

I recommend paying a little extra for a 4-bed Inside Cabin.

  • On a Day Sail you will find it very useful to retire to your own ‘space’ if needed, and the shower is great for freshening up. Sea-sickness is also a possibility, and it’s a lot nicer to rest in privacy, than out in public.
  • A cabin is even better for Night Sails, as you have your own bed and a lot more peace and quiet than up on deck with other snorers restless passengers.

Where to Stay in
Geelong and Devonport

I suggest: Book your accommodation in Victoria and Tasmania 3-6 months before departure.

Lots of travellers tell me they they were so glad they booked a night in Geelong before sailing on the Spirit of Tasmania.

Likewise, a lot of road trippers also liked spending a night near Devonport on arrival or prior to departure back to Geelong.

These are the best value accommodation options that are as close as possible to the ferry terminals, and that provide free car parking.

👍 Pro tip

I strongly recommend booking your accommodation in Geelong and Devonport after you have booked your ferry ticket.

The ferry isn’t cheap, and you may need to tweak your dates to get the best price. For that reason it’s best to plan your accommodation around the ferry, rather than vice versa.



I am currently researching all the options – please come back to this section soon!

Caravan Parks

I am currently researching all the options – please come back to this section soon!

Overnight Street Parking

I am currently researching all the options – please come back to this section soon!



The Grand on Macfie – $$ – My favourite place to stay in Devonport. Gorgeous property, delicious fully cooked breakfasts, and in the perfect location for exploring the region – Learn More


Waterfront Apartments – $$$ – Perfect for  ‘luxe’ couples wanting spectacular water views on the banks of the Mersey River – Check Prices

Quality Hotel Gateway Inn – $$ –  A great all-rounder for couples and families alike, right in the heart of Devonport – Check Prices

Caravan Parks

Discovery Parks Devonport (use my LAPOFTAS code and receive 20% OFF) – 2km from the pier

Abel Tasman Caravan Park – 2km from the pier.

Mersey Bluff Caravan Park – 8km from the pier.

🎉 Special Offer - The Grand on Macfie (Devonport)

The Grand on Macfie (Devonport) is your best B&B accommodation option for when you arrive in Tasmania!

Use my LAPOFTAS10 code online, or mention the Lap of Tasmania on the phone when booking your sumptuous king or queen suite at The Grand on Macfie and receive:

  • a generous 10% OFF room rates; and
  • FREE cooked breakfast 🍳

Click here to check rates and claim this offer

Last Minute Checklist

I suggest: Check these items 2-3 weeks before departure.

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania - Check list

Buy your sea sickness medication – Travacalm or Kwells are popular over the counter medications. Ginger tablets or acupressure bands have also been found to help some travellers.

They are also very easy to order online:

Allow enough time to check in and board the ferry – The terminal gates open for quarantine checks 2.5 hours prior to departure, while boarding commences 1.5hrs prior to departure. Final check in 45 minutes prior to departure.

Plan your meals – There are plenty of meal options on the Spirit of Tasmania (see below), but to save money you might prefer to pack your own. Remember that Tasmania has strict quarantine laws that are enforced before you get on the ferry (see below for more info), so don’t pack something that is only going to get thrown out by the quarantine officers.

Worm your dog – All dogs travelling on the Spirit of Tasmania must be Hydatid wormed within 14 days of travel. At the quarantine checkpoint they will ask for evidence (eg. dated receipt, or vet’s note).

Mild sedation for your pet (if necessary) – If you are worried about how your dog will handle the crossing, see your vet and ask whether mild sedation is a good idea or not.

Plan your day bag – Every traveller on the ferry is allowed to take one bag on board (66cm x 46.5cm x 27.5cm, and no weight restrictions apply):

  • medications
  • sea sickness tablets
  • toiletries
  • food
  • camera
  • games for the kids
  • books
  • warm jacket
  • favourite pillow (for a Night Sail)

Prepare for the quarantine and security check:

  • Check your fridge, esky and/or bags and remove any prohibited food
  • Wash down your fishing and/or boating gear
  • Make sure your gas bottles are turned off, and fully secured

Print out your ferry tickets – You will be asked to present your tickets prior to boarding.

Tasmania Quarantine

Here is a summary of Tasmania’s strict quarantine laws. For the full list click here.

Spirit of Tasmania
Boarding Process

The Spirit of Tasmania boarding process is very simple and easy to follow.

The team that greet you in Geelong have been helping travellers get their cars, campervans, caravans and motorhomes onto the ferry for decades and they have got the process down to a fine art.

Boarding Process

  1. Enter Geelong terminal in your vehicle.
  2. Undergo the security and quarantine check (gas bottle check, inspection inside and outside the car, under-bonnet check, boat and fishing gear check, fridge check, esky check).
  3. Follow their instructions and drive to the ticket booth (remember to have your printed tickets and licence ready) and collect your boarding passes
  4. Follow the car in front until directed to enter the correct waiting lane (cars and small trailers on the right – caravans and small trucks on the left)
  1. Commence boarding up the ramp, following instructions (caravans go after cars) – toilets are available if needed
  2. Park your vehicle. If you have a manual then put it in ‘Neutral’. If you have an automatic then put it in ‘Park’
  3. If you have a dog you will then follow the instructions of staff to kennel your dog
  4. Leave the deck, remembering to pick up a flyer describing your deck number (so you can find your car when it’s time to disembark)

“I did a Night Sail last month – over and back – and getting the car on and off was easy. The staff are all friendly and very helpful.”

(Facebook Group Member)

🚢 IMPORTANT – Before leaving your vehicle…

Once you have left the vehicle holding area you can not return to your vehicle until you dock in Devonport – so don’t forget to…

  • Close your side mirrors
  • Disconnect your electrics
  • Check that fridge/freezer is shut
  • Take your one allowed day bag
  • Put car in neutral or park
  • If you are leaving your dog inside your vehicle for the journey make sure you leave enough water and that there is adequate ventilation
  • Lock all doors
  • Take note of the deck number

See How Other Travellers Do It...

I found this great video by Our Family Escape that shows you how they boarded the Spirit of Tasmania (give them a follow if you like what you see!)…

Video coming soon!

Things to Do on
the Spirit of Tasmania

You’ve done the hard work, now it’s time to relax and enjoy the cruise!

Entertainment Options

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania


There are two cinemas on board, showing latest release movies for both adults and children at multiple times throughout the cruise. It isn’t free, but it’s a great way to spend the time.

Live Music

Throughout the sail you’ll find musicians popping up to keep your toes tapping.

Reading Room

Want to get away from it all? The reading room is the perfect place to curl up with a good book.

Public TV

Chill out with some light TV entertainment at one of the many public TVs scattered throughout the ship.

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania


This colourful and safe play space will be a magnet for the littl’uns. There’s slippery slides, a jungle gym and plenty of other fun things to keep them occupied.

Free Digital Magazines

In the 48 hours prior to boarding you can download as many premium magazines and newspapers as you like using the PressReader app, for later offline reading on your cruise or as you travel around Tasmania.

Kids Game Zone

Filled with arcade games and plenty of comfy lounges, your kids will have hours of fun.

School Holiday Entertainment

From December to April the Spirit of Tasmania makes things really special for the children on board, with musicians, face painters, entertainers and other exciting activities.

👍 Pro tip

If you would like to watch a movie in the cinema, make sure you buy your tickets as soon as you board the ferry. It is very popular and seats book out fast.

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania

Internet and Phone Service

I recommend using your cruise on the Spirit of Tasmania to do a digital detox, but if you need to get online you’ll find WiFi is available in all public spaces for a fee.

Travellers tell me that Telstra has the best coverage for the crossing, with just a small section in the middle of Bass Strait where you will lose signal.

What to Wear on the Ferry?

In Tasmania the best way to dress for comfort is in layers – and this works just as well on the Spirit of Tasmania.

Feeling warm? Simply remove a layer. Feeling cold? Throw on an extra layer from your day bag.

Get it Here: Tasmania Road Trip Packing List

Climate control is excellent in all public spaces during the day and you won’t need anything particularly heavy to stay warm.

If you’re in a recliner for the Night Sail you’ll also be provided with a blanket which should be enough to keep you warm.

If you plan on getting some fresh salty air on deck then I strongly recommend taking a warm jacket, as it’s going to be brisk – especially in winter.

All cabins have adjustable climate control, and can take up to an hour for the new settings to take effect.

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania

Baby-Changing Facilities

Baby-changing facilities are available at multiple locations across multiple decks.

Special Needs Passengers

Just because you have special needs does not mean a cruise on the Spirit of Tasmania is off limits.

They have the people and the equipment to help you embark and disembark safely, and the ship layout has been designed to cater for all passengers with special needs.

Let them know at the time of booking.

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania

Food and Drink

Tasmania is renowned for its amazingly fresh and delicious food and drink, and you will get your first taste of this incredible cuisine at either the Tasmanian Market Kitchen (TMK) or The Pantry.

Antipasto plates, roast dinners, dessert platters, massive buffet, and heaps of options for the kids – they’ve got every base covered.

Still feeling hungry? The Spirit of Tasmania run a fantastic program called the ‘Flavours of Tassie‘, where you can taste a range of gourmet Tasmanian products while chatting with the producers themselves!

And when it’s time for a beverage or two you’ll love the extensive selection of premium Tasmanian beers, wines, ciders, spirits, and non-alcoholic options. Anyone for a Moo Brew? 😀

Tour Bookings

There is a Tourism Hub on the ferry where you can continue your holiday planning.

Staff can even make tour or accommodation bookings for you, so it’s all ready to go when you arrive in Tasmania!

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry to Tasmania

National Parks Pass / Fishing Licences

If you plan on visiting Tasmania’s National Parks then a ‘Parks Pass’ is essential.

It’s easy to register online before you leave, but if you’ve forgotten or would rather do it face-to-face then you can sort it all out at the Tourist Hub.

At the same time you can also organise any fishing licences you may need.


Smoking is not permitted indoors, however there a number of designated smoking areas on outside decks.

Leaving the Ferry

Disembarking from the Spirit of Tasmania is super-easy and is a lot quicker than boarding the ferry – it is likely you’ll be on dry land in less than 30 minutes.

Disembarking happens in stages, and they will tell you exactly when your stage is planned to commence.

If you’re on a Night Sail you’ll get a wake-up call about an hour before the disembarking process starts.

If you want to eat breakfast on the ship I recommend getting up early as the kitchen gets very busy with people making coffees and buying snacks etc. the closer you get to arrival.

🚘 Plan your Tasmania road trip!

I hope you’ve found this guide useful in planning and booking your sail on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry!

If I’ve missed anything or you would like me to cover something in more detail please let me know as I am always looking for ways to improve my information and advice.

Are you interested in connecting with other travellers and Tassie locals?

I’ve got a fantastic community on Facebook who are super keen to help you with road trip inspiration and advice. 

It’s the perfect place to ask questions and to plan an awesome itinerary that perfectly suits your style of travel – Click here to join my Facebook group. 

If you’ve got any questions at all please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy road tripping!


Andrew Strikis

Andrew Strikis

Andrew is an award-winning travel writer and photographer from Tasmania. Over the last 10 years he has been an advocate for Tasmanian tourism, working with and supporting many of Tasmania's prominent organisations such as Tourism Northern Tasmania, Hobart and Beyond, and MONA. Together with his wife he enjoys exploring Tasmania by road, and he looks forward to helping others plan and enjoy their own Lap of Tasmania road trip.

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