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My name is Andrew, and I’ve been a passionate advocate for Tasmanian tourism for more than 15 years. The Lap of Tasmania is the culmination of these experiences – presenting the very best of Tasmania in one easy-to-follow self-drive road trip adventure.

Since launching in 2019 the Lap of Tasmania has grown to become Tasmania’s largest and most trusted source of travel planning information focusing 100% on road trippers – and in 2021 we were awarded GOLD in the Tasmanian Tourism Awards for the best Tourism and Marketing Campaigns.

Lap of Tasmania - Tasmanian Tourism Awards - Gold Award

Without my online community none of this would have been possible – and not only are they highly engaged, but they are ready to book their holiday and they want to hear from you!

Becoming a ‘Friend’ of the Lap of Tasmania is very easy, and it is the perfect way for small tourism businesses to connect with our friendly community of travellers.

How does it work?

When you become a ‘Friend’ of the Lap of Tasmania you are connecting your amazing Tasmanian tourism business with literally hundreds of thousands of travellers from across Australia and all around the world.

Standing out from the crowd is tough these days, but for years I have been helping businesses – just like yours – to get the recognition they deserve in a highly competitive digital environment.

At the heart of the Lap of Tasmania are my website and my social communities:

  • Lap of Tasmania Website – More than 300,000 visitors use the Lap of Tasmania website every year to help with their holiday planning, viewing my Tassie articles more than 500,000 times. It is really pleasing to see that our visitors come from all walks of life as well, with Australia, the UK, USA, Malaysia and Singapore being strongly represented.
  • Social Media – This where the Lap of Tasmania really shines! I am on social media every day, providing loads of useful articles, guides and other highly relevant local advice across my Facebook group (30,000+ members), Facebook Page (6,000+ followers) and Instagram (1,000+ followers). With this grassroots approach I have grown a friendly community of highly engaged travellers who trust my recommendations and those of their fellow travellers.

Who can join?

All businesses within the tourism world are welcome to enquire to work with the Lap of Tasmania, including accommodation providers, tours, attractions, and cafes/restaurants.

A ‘Friend’ of the Lap of Tasmania is typically a small or medium-sized Tasmanian business with up to 5 employees, looking for a cost-effective way of extending their brand reach and connecting with travellers and future customers. 

Does that sound like you? Get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page!

If you represent a large Tasmanian tourism business then you will be pleased to know that you can become a ‘Partner’ of the Lap of Tasmania, with a suite of exciting opportunities above and beyond those described below, to reach your target audience and grow your business. 

Whether you want to be become a ‘Friend‘ or a ‘Partner‘ of the Lap of Tasmania, please use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch and learn more.

'Friend' of the Lap of Tasmania - What do you get?

Become a ‘Friend’ of the Lap of Tasmania and I will promote your business across my most popular digital channels.

I will hand-select the most relevant regional guides and other articles where your future customers are most likely to spend their time browsing, and include genuine recommendations for your business.

I will also ensure you are placed front-and-centre with my wonderful travel community, with a dedicated promotional post for each of my main social channels. 

But that isn’t the end of it – I also promise to continue recommending your business at every relevant opportunity in response to questions from my community. 

This is a significant difference to your traditional ‘vanilla’ marketing strategy, and I can guarantee there aren’t many (if any) other marketing businesses in Tasmania that can claim this level of ongoing, personalised attention.

This combination of hyper-targeted promotional activities is guaranteed to get more eyes on your business, generate sales, and help your business grow – all while providing our Tassie road trippers with the experience of a lifetime!

Friend of the Lap of Tasmania

Business Membership
$ 880
(incl. GST) for Year 1, reducing to $440/yr (incl. GST) for future years
  • Website listing
  • Promotion in high-traffic travel guides
  • Promotion in niche-relevant travel articles
  • Regular recommendations on social media
  • Facebook Group: 2 x Targeted Promotional Post
  • Facebook Page: 2 x Targeted Promotional Post
  • Instagram: 2 x Targeted Promotional Post
  • Digital map listing

What do you need to do?

After joining with the Lap of Tasmania (using the form below) there are only two things you need to do to help me get the word out there about your fantastic business:

  1. Provide an exclusive offer to the Lap of Tasmania community that will catch their interest and get them excited about adding you to their itinerary (eg. 10% off, or maybe a free upgrade or gift voucher)
  2. Include a link to the Lap of Tasmania on your website (or give us a mention on social media if you don’t have a website)

That’s it. Super simple.

All you need to do now is fill in the form below, or email me at and I’ll be in touch!

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Click here for the ‘Friend’ of the Lap of Tasmania Membership Agreement T&Cs

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