Guide to Motorcycle Hire Tasmania

When it comes to motorcycle hire, Tasmania is your ultimate destination!  

There are plenty of Tasmania motorcycle hire companies to choose from, and in this guide I use my local experience to compare the options and help you choose the best motorbike hire for your Tassie holiday.

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Cruise the '99 Bends' to Queenstown on your Lap of Tasmania
Cruise the '99 Bends' to Queenstown on your Lap of Tasmania

The warm sun on your back, wind tugging at your leathers, rainforests and rivers rushing past, and that dashed white line promising more to come. 

To be a biker in Tasmania is to feel alive, energised, and connected to the breathtaking panoramas that greet you at every curve in the road.

There’s no need to worry about the stop-start-stop-start of bumper to bumper traffic. We live on island time, where everything takes that little bit longer – giving you a chance to relax, unwind and rediscover that lost feeling of true freedom!

Ride to Freycinet National Park on a motorbike
Enjoy Tasmania's pristine wilderness on the back of a bike | &#x1f4f7: Pete Harmsen

It is so easy to make it happen as well. 

Simply get to Tasmania by plane or ferry, and then put yourself in the hands of one of Tassie’s fantastic motorcycle rental companies for the ride of your life!

But which one to choose?

I’ve lived here for twenty years now and I’ve seen a lot of companies in Tasmania come and go. What you will find here is a roundup of all the best motorbike rental options in Tasmania, and by the time you’ve finished reading this guide to motorcycle hire in Tasmania you will know exactly who to choose to suit your budget and preferred style of road trip.

Keep reading to find out more!

Motorcycle hire Tasmania comparison

Breathtaking views at every sweeping bend in the road

This table gives you an overview of all the motorcycle hire in Tasmania, making it easy to compare them side by side.

They are all excellent, but for me Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours and Rentals (TMTR) is easily the best option if you are wanting to spend a week or more exploring Tasmania by bike – and  I am very excited to let you know they are also offering Lappers a very handy discount on rates!

CompanyLocationRatesMy Thoughts...More
🔥 Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours and RentalsHobartFrom $180The best in Tasmania with a huge range of bikes. Conveniently based near Hobart.

SAVE 5% with my LAPOFTAS code when you ride 6-days or longer!

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Tasmanian Motorcycle ToursLauncestonFrom $175Your best option based in Launceston.

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Dragonfly ClassicsForthFrom $170The place to go for classic motorcycles.

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EagleRiderLauncestonFrom $160A global franchise, rather than a Tassie business, but it's your only place to rent a Harley!

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Southern Cross Motorbike Hire & ToursMeander ValleyFrom $180A small operator, but the only one offering transfers to/from the Spirit of Tasmania in Devonport

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I’ve provided daily rates here, but keep in mind that most companies have a sliding scale, meaning cheaper rates for longer bookings (not reflected above).

It depends a lot on how much time you can take off, and your dates, but my conversations with other bikers has found that a 9-day tour is a common approach to touring Tasmania by motorcycle and making the most of your time here:

  • Arrive on a Saturday, get kitted out and start your tour
  • Spend the week riding
  • Return your bike and fly home the following Sunday

Hobart Airport receives a lot more flights than Launceston, making it the most popular point of entry to Tasmania. With that in mind, TMTR is the most popular option on the island as they provide free transfers and will have on the road extremely quickly.

Important: There aren’t many motorcycle companies in Tasmania to choose from, meaning bike availability is limited during summer – book ahead as early as possible to avoid disappointment!

1. Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours and Rentals

Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours and Rentals
A Triumph (Tassie) Tiger 800XRX from Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours and Rentals

The more I dug into the detail the more I realised that Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours and Rentals (TMTR) are a little bit different to the others – offering some very handy options that make them perfect for a Tassie road trip starting in Hobart.

Firstly, they easily have the most comprehensive range of bikes in Tasmania and every year they seem to be adding a new option – 17 at last count. Importantly, many of their bikes are designed specifically for multi-day road trips, and Phil is always available to help make the right choice for your level of experience and preferred style of travel. 

Second, they aren’t just for men! I love that they have purchased a range of Triumph Tigers with a low seat height – one of them is as low as 760mm! They are also the only company in Tasmania where you can rent a factory lowered R1200 GS, with a mere 770 mm seat height.

These options are perfect if you aren’t tall and don’t want to feel like you are constantly wrestling with a big, cumbersome bike.

And third, being based so close to Hobart Airport you can get your road trip started ASAP, with no wasted time in Hobart city traffic or spending 11 hours on the ferry from Geelong.

Because most of their customers are road trippers, TMTR have plenty of pannier, box and bag options for all their bikes – free of charge – making it easy to take as much or as little gear as you need for your road trip.

The cherry on top? Phil and Chrissy are passionate bikers themselves, and love to pick you up and drop you off at the airport – saving you the cost and hassle of transfers as well!

With such a focus on road tripping I approached TMTR to see if they would be interested in partnering with the Lap of Tasmania – and they said yes!

Mention the Lap of Tasmania over the phone, or click here to use my LAPOFTAS promo code when booking for 6 days or longer and you will SAVE 5% on your rental rate.

Key Information

Daily Rate: From $180 (before discount)

Bond: $0

Excess Reduction: Yes

Riding Limit: Unlimited (>2 day rentals)

Extra km: Free (>2 day rentals)

Location: Hobart

Rider Age: 25+

Minimum Experience: 1 year

Gear Provided: Yes (limited)

Road Side Assist: Yes

SAVE 5% on rentals 6 days or longer – Use my LAPOFTAS promo code

2. Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours

Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours
Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours

If you are starting your Tasmania road trip in Launceston then Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours is your best all-round option.

With 7 well-maintained motorcycles to choose from – including BMW, Kawasaki and Suzuki – you are sure to find a bike you like.

Pricing is quite competitive with other companies offering the same or similar bikes, and you’ll be pleased to hear that they also offer complimentary transfers from and to Launceston Airport! 

Key Information

Daily Rate: From $175

Bond: $2000

Excess Reduction: No

Riding Limit: Unlimited

Extra km: Free

Location: Launceston

Rider Age: 25+

Minimum Experience: NA

Gear Provided: Yes (limited)

Road Side Assist: Yes (for a fee)

3. Dragonfly Classics

Dragonfly Classics

If you love the sound and aesthetics of the bikes of yesteryear, then you’ll love what Dragonfly Classics have to offer.

They have 6 bikes in their range – three Hondas and three BMWs – and they are in great nick.

Their range is aimed predominantly at day-riders, but a couple of their bikes can be fitted with panniers (supplied) for overnight or longer rides.

Keep in mind that they are located at Forth, about 15 minutes drive from the Spirit of Tasmania ferry terminal in Devonport, or 1hr 15mins from Launceston airport.

Key Information

Daily Rate: From $170

Bond: $2,500

Excess ReductionNo

Riding Limit: 320km per day

Extra km: $0.70 per km

Location: Forth (near Ulverstone)

Rider Age: 25+

Minimum Experience: 2 years

Gear Provided: Helmet only (limited)

Road Side Assist: No

4. EagleRider Launceston

There’s nothing quite like the engine note of a Harley Davidson throbbing in your ears, and EagleRider Launceston is the only place on the island to rent one of these classic bikes.

There are nine late-model options available, including a Softail, two Street Glides, and a Road Glide, and all are in fantastic condition. They also have a number of Royal Enfields available for hire.

These bikes are iconic and make for a fantastic day out. It’s worth noting that transfers from Launceston Airport are not provided.

Key Information

Daily Rate: From $160

Bond: $3,000

Excess ReductionYes

Riding Limit (km)None

Cost for Extra km: Free

Location: Launceston

Rider Age: 25+

Minimum Experience: 2 years

Gear Provided: Helmet only

Road Side Assist: No

5. Southern Cross Motorbike Hire & Tours

Southern Cross Motorbike Hire and Tours

With 6 fantastic bikes in their garage with capacities ranging from 400c to 1300cc, Southern Cross Motorbike Hire & Tours cater to a variety of travel styles – from day rides to longer journeys. 

Transfers to their base in the beautiful Meander valley are also provided from both the Spirit of Tasmania ferry terminal in Devonport and Launceston Airport.

I get the feeling this company is still in its early days, as they don’t provide comprehensive T&Cs on their website. It’s a shame because it means some aspects of the rentals aren’t clear (as noted below).

Key Information

Daily Rate: From $180

Bond: $2,000

Excess Reduction: No

Riding Limit: Unsure

Extra km: Unsure

Location: Meander Valley

Rider Age: Unsure

Minimum Experience: Unsure

Gear Provided: Unsure

Road Side Assist: Unsure

Licence requirements for motorcycle hire in Tasmania

For the safety of riders and the public it is important for motorcycle hire companies to put rules in place to ensure riders are qualified and experienced enough to take their bikes out onto Tasmania’s roads.

Age: From the information available on their websites, all companies require the rider to be at least 25 years of age.

Experience: This can vary between companies, ranging from ‘No experience required’ to ‘2 years required’ and can be dependent on the engine capacity.

Licence: A full licence is mandatory for all companies.

Overseas Drivers: Please check with the company. Most will allow a foreign licence, as long as it is in English, it includes a photo of you, and it clearly states that it is for motorcycles. Otherwise, an English language International Licence (motorcycle class) will be required, together with your passport.

Other useful resources

Keep planning your Tasmania road trip

I hope this guide has helped you find the best motorcycle hire company for your road trip around Tasmania.

I have plenty more useful articles like this to help you with your holiday planning. Use the links below, and at the top of the page to keep browsing and planning your ultimate Tassie holiday.

Happy road tripping!


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