Tasmania Road Trip Planner eBook

80+ pages, chock-a-block full of tips and advice only a Tassie local can provide, taking you step-by-step through the road trip planning process.

This is your ultimate Tasmania Road Trip Planner!

$19.00 (incl. GST)

Tasmania Holiday Planner eBook

Planning your Tasmania road trip doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Why stress when you should be having fun?

7 simple steps is all it takes.

My Tasmania Road Trip Planner eBook cuts through the confusion, helping you and your family build your perfect Tassie road trip!

What you’ll get:

  • 80+ pages taking you step-by-step through the road trip planning process
  • 10 chapters packed full of practical, easy-to-follow tips and advice
  • 20 simple exercises to help plan your holiday and manage your budget
  • 2 x BONUS chapters full of tips for saving money (literally hundreds of $$$!)
  • Handy multi-use ‘Road Trip Packing List’

+ FREE Holiday Planner Spreadsheet

My free Holiday Planner Spreadsheet is the perfect partner to my eBook, helping you record your travel plans and manage your holiday budget – whether that is for Tasmania or anywhere else in the world!

  • Record your important road trip information in one place
  • Templates for planning your road trip itinerary details (accommodation, meal options, activities, tours and more)
  • Helps you brainstorm and finalise your list of ‘things to see and do’
  • Cost template for calculating and recording your holiday budget
  • Reusable for future holidays – no matter where you want to go!

Don’t waste your money

eBooks are becoming more and more popular these days, and I have noticed a few Tassie options popping up for sale across various websites. We all love to promote Tasmania – once you get here you will see why! But there are a couple of questions to ask yourself before making your purchase, that will ensure you aren’t wasting your money, and to help you plan the best holiday in Tasmania:

  • How up-to-date is the eBook? We get a lot of backpackers and caravanners visiting Tasmania, and many of them fund their travels by writing about their travels. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this at all (I’ve done it myself) but one of the things about Tasmania is that the tourism industry is rapidly evolving, and while their information may have been correct when they visited, there’s a good chance they could have visited 2 years ago and a lot would have changed since then. Even some of the big travel companies like Lonely Planet can only afford to issue occasional updates. My eBook was first launched in 2020, and it is already up to its 8th edition – that’s an update every six months!
  • Are they locals? Together with my wife I have called Tasmania home for 20 years now, and we are always road tripping our way up, down, and around our own backyard. Of course, there are many big attractions, sights, and tours that everyone knows about, but there are plenty of little tips and tricks that only a local can discover – especially when it comes to the logistics of planning your road trip route, vehicle rentals, and accommodation. It is this unique Tassie perspective that I love to share with you in my eBook.
  • I am always seeking feedback! If you finish your travels and think there is an aspect of my eBook that can be improved for other travellers, let me know by email at andrew@lapoftasmania.com.au! I am always looking for new ways of helping visitors to plan and enjoy their Tassie holiday, and I look forward to incorporating your feedback into future versions of my eBook 😊

Print your own paper copy!

I would love to provide a hardcopy version of my eBook, however the publishing process is very costly and I want to ensure my eBook is as affordable as possible for every single visitor to Tasmania.

One fantastic and cost-effective solution is to save your eBook to a USB stick and to take it to Officeworks. There, you can arrange for a colour copy to be printed, and you can also get it spiral-bound with a protective cover front and back.

For just a few dollars you will then have your own paper copy to keep in the car, and where you can make your own travel notes!

14-day Money Back Guarantee

I have received nothing but fantastic feedback from thousands of happy travellers all around the world, but if that’s not you then don’t stress – just get in touch within 14 days at andrew@lapoftasmania.com.au and I’ll provide a full refund of the purchase price.

Supporting Tasmanian Charities

$1 from every sale is donated to a Tasmanian charity chosen by the Lap of Tasmania community. We have already donated more than $2,000 to charities such as Bonorong Wildlife Rehabilitation, WildCare Tasmania, and the Save the Devils campaign – and with your help I look forward to continuing to support these amazing organisations and the work they do 😊


Many thanks for your support and warm regards,



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