Hobart Day Trip Planner eBook

📍 3× pre-made walking itineraries
🛠️ 100+ build your own options
🚘 8× Self-drive itineraries
🗺️ 2× maps of Hobart and surrounds
👋 80+ pages of local tips
🔥 Handy advice for cruise-shippers!

Don’t waste time wondering where to go and what to see – my Hobart Day Trip Planner is the travel hack you never knew you needed!

$11.00 (incl. GST)

Hobart Day Trip Planner (eBook)

Are you wondering how to make the most of your limited time in Hobart?

Hobart’s small size makes it one of Australia’s easiest cities to explore, and all it takes is a short drive to find yourself immersed in some of Tasmania’s most beautiful natural attractions.

But at the same time, so many road trippers and cruise-shippers tell me how difficult they found the day trip planning process – because there are simply so many options!

I know when I go travelling with my wife that we love getting tips and advice from locals, as they know exactly which attractions are worth your time, and which ones can be missed.

I have been so fortunate to call Hobart my home for the last 20 years, and in my Hobart Day Trip Planner eBook I have captured my favourite places, so you and your family can have the best Hobart holiday ever 😊

What you’ll get:

  • 80+ pages of easy-to-follow steps helping you make the most of every minute you have in Hobart
  • 3 × ‘Pre-made’ walking itineraries that cover Hobart’s best attractions (perfect if you just want a ‘set and forget’ itinerary with no planning needed at all)
  • 8 × ‘Self-drive’ itineraries for the perfect day trip outside Hobart
  • More than 100 options for building your own customised Hobart itinerary
  • 13 recommendations for the best Guided Tours of Hobart and beyond (including exclusive discounts I have negotiated with Tassie tourism companies)
  • Dozens of local tips and advice for getting around Hobart, renting a vehicle, maps of Hobart and surrounds, and plenty more!

Who is this eBook for?

While every visitor to Hobart will find this eBook useful, I have created it especially for travellers that only have 1 or 2 days in Hobart.

It isn’t a lot of time, and considering how much it has probably cost you to get here I’m sure you want to make the most of it!

This is very relevant for road trippers, or those flying in for a long weekend. But if you are arriving on a cruise ship then you know how important it is to plan your day to ensure you experience as much as possible, while still ensuring you can get back to the ship on time for departure.

That is exactly why I include plenty of advice targeted specifically for cruise-shippers, and why every single itinerary is structured to an 8hr day – the amount of time that most cruise ship passengers have in town.

Not arriving on a cruise ship? Not a problem at all!

These itineraries, day trip options and other information can all be easily extended to create a multi-day holiday schedule – no stress and no fuss 😊

What information will you find in the eBook?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen some dodgy eBooks floating around on the internet. Promising you the world, but very light on substance – and most likely written by someone who has barely spent a day in town themselves (if at all).

That is definitely not what you will find here. It has taken me 6 months and literally 100s of hours from conception to completion, collating all my best experiences of Hobart and distilling them into this 80+ page eBook.

You will also be pleased to hear that my wife and I are mad keen foodies (and love a cheeky gin), and I’ve got some stunning recommendations that often fly under the radar – including some unmissable opportunities to taste Tassie’s best chocolates, cheese, whisky, beers and so much more 😋

The eBook is structured to make the planning process as easy, and simple as possible. I won’t include the full Table of Contents (it’s way too big!) but here is a basic outline of what you will find:

  • Introduction to Hobart / How to Get Around
  • Walking Itineraries – Pre-made (3)
  • Walking Itineraries – Create Your Own (100+ options)
  • Self-drive ‘Day trip’ Itineraries (6 regions + bonus itineraries for families and waterfalls/rainforests)
  • Guided Tours (half-day and full-day options)
  • Hobart Accommodation Recommendations

Save money!

When I created the Lap of Tasmania back in 2019 I not only wanted visitors to Tasmania to have a wonderful time, but I also wanted to help make it as affordable as possible.

I am always on the lookout for Tasmania’s best tourism operators and over time I have developed a network of trusted partnerships that not only help our tourism industry but also help travellers like yourself to save money.

In this eBook you will find many opportunities for discounts and other special offers in and around Hobart when you use my LAPOFTAS code, or mention the Lap of Tasmania to these Partners at the time of booking.

It is a great way of experiencing the best of Tassie, while saving money at the same time. Taking advantage of just one or two of these offers is all it takes to find yourself easily making back the cost of this eBook.

Is this a paper book? 

What I am providing here isn’t a traditional travel book. Instead, it is a digital download that you can save to your mobile phone (easy access when walking around Hobart!) or any other electronic device like your laptop, tablet, or home computer.

After making your purchase you will receive an email that includes a link to the eBook (don’t forget to check your ‘spam’ folder, just in case Dr Google thought it was a good idea to send it there 😂).

Simply click on that link and choose where you would like to store the eBook, and it will then download the ‘pdf’ file to the device. All you need to do then is open the file, or you could copy the file to your other devices if you feel that would be useful.

The eBook itself reads like a normal book. However, one of the advantages of an electronic file is that it also includes links to attractions, tours and tourism operators. Click the links with your mouse, or tap the links with your finger, and it will take you to the operator’s page where you can learn more and make your booking!

Print your own paper copy

I would love to provide a hardcopy version of my eBook, however the publishing process is very costly and I want to ensure my eBook is as affordable as possible for every single visitor to Tasmania.

One fantastic and cost-effective solution is to save your eBook to a USB stick and to take it to Officeworks. There, you can arrange for a colour copy to be printed, and you can also get it spiral-bound with a protective cover front and back.

For barely any cost at all you will then have your own paper copy to keep in your pocket or your car – perfect for jotting down notes and easy navigation!

14-day Money Back Guarantee

I have received nothing but fantastic feedback from thousands of happy travellers all around the world for my other popular eBook (How to Plan Your Tasmania Road Trip) and I have no doubt that you are going to find this Hobart Day Trip Planner super useful for planning your time here. But if that’s not you then don’t stress – just get in touch within 14 days and I’ll provide a full refund of the purchase price.


Many thanks for your support, and if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email at an****@la***********.au

Warm regards and happy travels!



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