Best Hot Cross Buns in Hobart

Are you wondering where to get your annual Easter hot cross bun fix?

Come with me and taste-test 6 popular bakeries, in search of the best hot cross buns in Hobart!

I don’t know about you, but it feels like Easter has crept up on me unannounced this year.

On the flipside, it was a pleasant surprise to be chatting with someone earlier this week about Easter plans and to realise that it was actually this weekend and we had a short working week 😂 🐰

In this household Karen would have to be the hot cross bun queen, and in her opinion Christmas isn’t anywhere near early enough to start seeing them on the shelves.

For me? It might not be a year-round obsession, but come Easter time I do enjoy sitting down with a slab of toasted bun, cinnamon ticking my nostrils, bursts of fruit flavour and lashings of salted butter.

I’ve always wondered about the various versions of hot cross buns I’ve seen here in Hobart over the years, and I decided it was time to put on the lab coat and get all scientific about it!

So, who has the best hot cross buns in Hobart?

Keep reading to find out 👇 (for the stats nerds I’ve also got a table at the bottom with all my scores)

1. Jackman & McRoss Bakery

Overall Score – 10/10

It might look a bit like a squashed frog, but with just one kiss on the lips this hot cross bun from Jackman & McRoss Bakery transforms into an explosion of fruit, spices and even nuts!

Currants and raisins make an obligatory appearance, but it’s the apricots, lemon, orange peel, and crunchy hazelnuts that turn this into a truly transcendent Easter experience.

The texture is a little bit more dense than the hot cross buns from Jean Pascal and Pigeon Whole, but I actually found this to work really well when toasting and smearing a layer of butter on top, as the extra ‘heft’ prevented it from caving in too easily.

At $4.00 a pop this hot cross bun is at the top end of town, but the proof is in the Easter pudding and, for me anyway, it is absolutely worth it 😋

Jackman & McRoss Bakery have outlets in historic Battery Point (just 5-10 mins walk from Salamanca) and in New Town, and they also have a wonderful range of savoury dishes for light meals and lunches. Their scallop pie would have to be one of the best to be found in Tasmania, and their service has always been bubbly and friendly!

2. Pigeon Whole Bakers

Overall Score – 8/10

Pigeon Whole Bakers have been doing their ‘thing’ for years now on Argyle Street in the heart of Hobart, and judging by the queues I often spy as I drive past in the morning they would have to be one of Hobart’s most popular bakeries.

It was no different when I popped in to grab a hot cross bun to go – oh, and a jam donut while I’m at it, thank you very much 🤣 – and this Easter treat did not let me down.

As you would expect from such consummate bakers, the texture and quality of the bun is fantastic, but it is the spices they have infused into the bun that really took my breath away. The fruit is there… barely, and this is the only aspect that doesn’t quite hit the mark for me with this fantastic hot cross bun.

Sourdoughs, pastries, tarts and other delectable delights await at Pigeon Whole – fantastic service with smiles all round as well – including some of Hobart’s best coffees. Just a 5-minute walk from the waterfront, it is well worth a visit.

3. Jean Pascal Patisserie

Overall Score – 8/10

If you’ve ever worked in an office that is just minutes from a patisserie as good as Jean Pascal then I’m sure you can understand just how easy it is to find yourself putting on the pounds with a cheeky bickie here, and a naughty chocolate gateux there…

The tallest of the hot cross buns I tried, these tiny towers of Easter cheer also have the finest, most delicate texture. The occasional currant spike was delicious, but I did feel that they were a little light-handed on the spice front.

Well ensconced in the suburban streets of New Town, I thoroughly recommend making the drive for one of their hot cross buns.

4. Daci & Daci Bakers

Overall Score – 5/10

I had high hopes for Daci & Daci.

On previous visits my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed a decadent treat or two, and the décor of all three outlets – Hobart, New Town and Sandy Bay – simply ooze class, gently encouraging you to take another bite of their colourful and absolutely delicious sweets, and to stay a little longer.

To look at this hot cross bun you can’t help but want to take a bite – it is cute as a button – but unfortunately it doesn’t deliver on its promise.

As you can tell from the pics, the fruit is definitely there, but for some reason the flavour just wasn’t coming through. The texture…not bad. The spice, non-existent.

At $3.50 this is in the upper echelon of hot cross buns, so you can understand my disappointment.

Regardless, it wouldn’t stop me returning for some of what they do best… artisanal cakes with ridiculously creative flair, and a really interesting array of light savoury dishes.

5. Banjos Bakery Cafe

Overall Score – 3/10

Ah, Banjos…. such an iconic and convenient Tasmanian road-tripping mainstay.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well this hot cross bun scrubs up in terms of its Easter appeal. Bright white cross, bronzed cheeks glowing with health, and plenty of currants poking their heads out and promising oh-so-much…

Alas, it wasn’t too be. The barest hint of flavour in the fruit, no spice. They might as well have just taken a loaf of white bread and thrown a few currants in the mix. The grumpy, perfunctory service was as devoid of colour as the icing on their bun as well.

It certainly isn’t bad, but when there are so many other better options why wouldn’t you move on?

6. Zum Bakery

Overall Score – 2/10

Zum… what’s happened?!

It has been many years since I last visited, and the vibe is verrrry different there these days.

Maybe they are more focused on the wholesale market? Or maybe I just got them on a bad day…?

I don’t know, but just one look at that cross-less brick – does that make it a ‘hot bun’? – and I knew it wasn’t going to satisfy.

On the upside, it looked like their breakfasts and hot coffees were being well-received on the sidewalk – perfect for a spot of people watching in North Hobart.

Summary Table – Best hot cross buns in Hobart

Easter Spirit = Customer service
Easter Appeal = Does it make me want to put it in my mouth?

Final thoughts on Hobart’s best hot cross buns

As you can tell, there are 3 standouts when it comes to hot cross buns in Hobart:

  • Jackman and McRoss Bakery
  • Pigeon Whole Bakery
  • Jean Pascal Patisserie

Drop by and see what you think – I’d love to hear from you!

Happy travels,

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Andrew Strikis

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