Tasmania Itinerary (5 Days) – eBook

🚘 3 × 5-day self-drive itineraries
🛠️ *.docx format for easy opening and editing
🗺️ Super simple to print a paper copy
👋 Perfect for customising your itinerary
🔗 Easy to share and collaborate with others

Perfect for travellers who prefer to have a paper copy of their itinerary while on the road – ideal for making notes and jotting down ideas 😊

$3.00 (incl. GST)

Tasmania Itinerary (5 Days) – eBook

All three of my 5-day Tasmania itineraries are all viewable at no cost on the Lap of Tasmania website here.

However, as with any web page you can’t edit or adjust the online version, which is why I have created this downloadable and editable eBook version for all three itineraries:

  • Eastern Explorer
  • Western Wanderer
  • Colonial Rambler

This download uses the *.docx file format, which means you can easily open it up in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

After opening the file you will see that it is structured for easy reading, with each day’s itinerary filling the page and presenting all the activity recommendations that I show you in the online version.

At the same time, there is an empty column ready for you to record your notes and final selections for morning and afternoon activities, your lunch location, and also your nightly accommodation.

As a Word document it is incredibly easy to edit and adjust as needed. So if you need to add in an extra column to store notes or other info, or if you want to extend your holiday by an extra day or two, then this is all super easy to do.

The other big advantage of this document is that you can print out a paper copy!

I’ve spoken with plenty of travellers who prefer having a paper version of their itinerary so they can mark up notes and ideas before they travel, and then tuck it away within easy reach in their glovebox or bag while travelling.

I think that covers everything, but if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email at andrew@lapoftasmania.com.au


Many thanks for your support and happy travels!



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