Lap of Tasmania? Celebrate with a T-shirt!

Are you excitedly taking notes on every possible attraction in Tasmania, and counting down the days to the start of your epic road trip?

Or maybe you’re coming to the end of your Tassie adventures, and you would like a little reminder of the good times and wonderful friendship you discovered in the Lap of Tasmania Facebook group?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked whether there is a Lap of Tasmania t-shirt available for purchase… and I can finally say YES!!

I am still in the process of setting up an automated system that will handle orders and payments, but given there has been so much interest I thought I would open it up to early orders – and that means you can get one right now 🙂

Here’s what it looks like on real humans, front and back.

Lap of Tasmania - T-Shirt Sizes
Lap of Tasmania T-Shirt - Back

And here is a closeup of exactly what is on the front and back:

This t-shirt is designed for both guys and gals keen on strutting their way around Tasmania in style.

Made from soft and light cotton, it has just the right amount of stretch for the sickest dance moves, the most extreme gin tasting, and of course, the smoothest 3-point turns.

Stories abound of its miraculous qualities.

Barry from Buckland swears black and blue that he scored three blue-sky days in a row after slipping one on. Can you believe it?

And Trudy from Tarraleah? She’s now the proud mum of triplets!

Results may vary. Road-trip satisfaction guaranteed 👍

Sizing and pricing

There are a heap of sizes available, from Extra Small (XS) all the way up to 4XL.

The table below shows you the measurements to help you choose the perfect option:

  • Length‘ is measured from the highest point of your shoulder (where the collar will sit against your neck) down to the hem of the shirt
  • Chest‘ is measured around the fullest part of your chest

To give you a ‘real world’ feel, I’ve also labelled the photo at the top to show you how they fit on different people.

To be honest, the guy on the left (my brother) should have gone for a Large (L), but he’s also no beefcake and you can see the fit is still pretty good 😆

Prices include delivery to your preferred address.

M2938-41 $45
L3042-45 $45
XL3146-49 $45
* Product measurements may vary by up to 2″ (5cm)

How to place your order

Until I automate things, here’s how it works:

  1. Email me at – OR – Message me on Facebook
  2. Let me know how many t-shirts you would like, and their sizes
  3. Let me know your name and address so I can double-check the price, and ensure delivery
  4. I will then send you my banking details (Macquarie Bank) so you can make payment
  5. Once I receive payment I will place your order
  6. Delivery times vary, but at the moment covid delays mean they are taking around 3-4 weeks

The returns policy is pretty simple as well. In the unlikely event that your t-shirt is misprinted, damaged, or defective then a replacement can be arranged at no cost (make sure you take a photo). A refund is not possible in the event that you choose the wrong size, suffer a case of buyers remorse, or find yourself with triplets on the way 🤣

That’s it – easy peasy!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Picture of Andrew Strikis

Andrew Strikis

Andrew is an award-winning travel writer and photographer from Tasmania. Over the last 10 years he has been an advocate for Tasmanian tourism, working with and supporting many of Tasmania's prominent organisations such as Tourism Northern Tasmania, Hobart and Beyond, and MONA. Together with his wife he enjoys exploring Tasmania by road, and he looks forward to helping others plan and enjoy their own Lap of Tasmania road trip.


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